Monday, July 22, 2013

Where I admit to being a little weirded out...

So, it turns out that there are people in the world who are reading my blog and making judgments about me based on it.

This is both a little weird to me, and a little bit creepy.

You see, nearly eight months ago, I wrote a blog entry after having a couple of crappy days. I haven't updated my blog since, because I've been a bit busy with life. But based on this entry, someone concluded that I'm an angry person in a terrible marriage, and that I hate my life and thrive on drama.

The thing is, that assessment couldn't be further from the truth.

As the mother of a young child, who also happens to work full time, I have a limited amount of free time on my hands. As a result, I haven't exactly updated my blog very frequently. So, when I find the time to do so, it's typically when I have something heavy weighing on me, or I've had a rough couple of days. As a result, this may skew the data available to complete strangers.

Back in January, I was a new mom to my first child. My son was 6 months old, and I'd been working full time for about 4 months. It was hard. I was still figuring things out.

I don't know that I've gotten any better at it... but at least I complain about it less.

Do I write about the days that are rainbows and butterflies? I guess I don't. But I'm also not going to change the things I write about because some weirdo on the internet is judging me.

So... what sorts of things am I up to right now?

Well, I'm on my summer break from work, which is wonderful. I still have my son in daycare a couple days a week, because I'm really happy with my home daycare provider, and I don't want to lose her when I go back to work in September.

This also allows me a couple days a week to refocus my energy on things that have kind of fallen by the wayside. Specifically finding an agent for the two completed novels I've written, as well picking up where I left off on the third novel.

Finding an agent is a trying experience, to say the least. You end up having to handle a lot of rejection. Breaking into the industry is certainly not easy, I'll give it that.

On that note, since my son is napping, I'm going to go put on makeup! Yay! Maybe I'll take a nap instead... ha! Who knows!

I'll leave you with a picture of my adorable son, who wakes up very happy in the morning:

See? Rainbows and Butterflies!