Monday, November 14, 2011

Where I talk about the need to purge negativity…

I’ve come to the point in my life where I’ve decided I need to purge as much negativity as I can.

Recent events have made me realize that I need to try to remove as many negative influences as possible. People from my past who aren’t really my friends, but were my “friends” on Facebook, have been “un-friended.” Why? Because their drama, and their denials of drama, are just too frustrating to handle. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “You can’t sway the ignorant, so don’t even try.” Why waste my breath when people are convinced that they’ve not only done nothing wrong, but are practically Mother Theresa? Pffffffftttttttt…

So, I decided the practical thing to do was un-friend these people and block them. Much simpler. They don’t even know my email address, they live across the country, and they can continue their lives without interfering in mine. I can’t see their Facebook pages, and they can’t see mine. Done. Perfect.

Actually, unfriending does not make kitty sad. It makes kitty happy. It's cathartic.

I’ve had a conversation with my husband about the unfair burden of house chores, and we seem to have come to agreement. We will now go grocery shopping together. I still do the laundry (because he WILL ruin some of my clothes by drying them), but eventually there will be a shift in those responsibilities, even if it’s just temporary. He will start helping me with cleaning, and for the time being, he will be scooping the cats’ litter boxes.

Right now my house is fairly clean, and my husband even did a fair job of cleaning the basement last night. I need to clean my desk, and he needs to clean his den, but we have taken some steps in the right direction.

Now I just need to get myself writing more consistently, and in my spare time try to figure out how to get myself published. But we shall see about that!

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