Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where I rail against the idiots who park on the Midway...

Sometimes I just don't get people. Are some people just raised by families that don't teach them to respect other people's property? Do they learn that while they can treat their own stuff anyway they see fit, that that philosophy shouldn't necessarily hold true for other people's stuff?

This is a guy who pulled his piece of shit PT Cruiser right up to the back of my 9 month old Corolla. But it gets better...

This is another PT Cruiser, parked directly behind the offending black PT Cruiser.

Bear in mind, the white PT Cruiser and my red Corolla were parked on the Midway Plaisance first. The driver of the non-offending white PT Cruiser and I had parked at approximately the same time. I had pulled behind a black Saab 9-5, and I was not parked like an asshole. I had left a normal, reasonable distance between me and the Saab. The white PT Cruiser had backed up to the car behind it, and was also not parked like an asshole.

But when I got back to the car in the afternoon, around 4 P.M., this is was I was greeted with:


I called the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD), because obviously there were scratches on my bumper. He managed to wedge himself between me and the white PT Cruiser, touching both of our bumpers, so that means he must have tapped both of our cars multiple times.

The kicker? The fact that when UCPD ran his plates (you could read the back plate, but obviously not the front plate), it came back to a University of Chicago employee! Really? Some asshole that works here did this? Of course, they couldn't tell me who he was (although he was referred to as "he," making him male), or what department he worked in. Because you know... safety/privacy concerns, I guess.

Fuck privacy concerns, here's a picture of his license plate:
That's right, bitches. IL license plate X51 8214.

I mean, what the fuck? I'd let him off without paying for damages if he could answer a couple of questions for me:

1) On what planet is it acceptable to park your car like this and then walk away?
2) Was he raised with a complete lack of respect for other people and their property?
3) Was he taught to not take responsibility for his stupidity?

On the one hand, the fact that he managed to wedge his car in there is impressive. On the other hand, because it was my car that got bounced off of several times, it pisses me off far more than can be reconciled with the impressiveness of the feat.

I left him a note saying that started out with "Dear Asshole," and ended with "Hugs + Kisses," along with my University email address. I told him that if he wanted to do the right thing, then he should email me to take financial responsibility for the scratches. I'm sure I'll never hear from him.

The UCPD was basically useless. I mean, the female officer was friendly, nice, and sympathetic. But, they couldn't track the guy down, she (justifiably) wouldn't tell me his name, she didn't issue any citations, and she told me to file a 3-1-1 report with the City of Chicago. Then the CPD might (might) track the moron down.

But when I got home, my husband was less than supportive of me calling CPD. He said that the scratches were negligible and that CPD would laugh at me and tell me that I was wasting their time. I'll concede that he might be right. However, it's not the message, but how you deliver it. Then again, I knew my husband was a dick when I married him, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But goddammit Bill, you knew I was crazy when you married me, and you did it anyway.

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  1. What is it with people in piece-of-shit cars? When my Prius was less than six months old (2007), some punk yapping on his cellphone rear-ended me in his early 90s Taurus. Fortunately, no scratches or damage for me.

    I think crappy parking is endemic to those who drive PT Cruisers. A woman at my office drives one, and she can never park between the lines. She parks over the line. Every freaking day. Last week she came in complaining someone had sideswiped her car at a store's parking lot. If she parked as crappy there as she parks at work, I can understand why someone decided to run their car into hers.