Monday, December 5, 2011

Where I write the unwritten rules of the DVR...

The Unwritten (Now Written) Rules of the DVR:

1. Never delete something that you only think the person who recorded it has watched. Always ask first.

2. Never delete something that has a green check mark next to it. This means that someone doesn't want it deleted until they say so. So if you're not the person who put the green check mark there, don't delete it.

3. Don't tell your spouse that you watched a show you both enjoy without them, brag about how great it was, tell them they should watch it, and then (accidentally or not) delete it. That's just shitty.

Specifically, this show.

4. 3 times out of 5, if you're at a really good spot in the recorded show, there will be a glitch on the recording. This is an extension of Murphy's law.

5. Never cancel a recording without telling the other members of your household. There might be a riot otherwise.

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